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Noel basualdo paintings & drawings

Artist statement

My practice is figurative and amongst my interests is the idea of misinterpretation, I like to play with suggesting and conveying difference. In my early work I explored my fascination with the idea of subverting traditional portraiture heritage, by choosing unconventional subjects I explored the interplay of how my subjects seemed and who they were, which did not match. 

Having lived in six countries and across three different continents, it has helped me to question my cultural identity and my role as a painter whilst also educated me in ways I can contribute towards change. Witnessing social unrest and people fighting for justice against fascist regimes enhanced my wonderment for the human spirit. I was born during the dirty war in Argentina, as a teen I protested against the Pinochet regime while living in Chile and was chased by water cannons and police mounted on horseback. The following year while finishing high school, I witnessed the end of Apartheid and Mandela rising to power in South Africa. This has all shaped the way I think, react to and synthesise the world through and in my art works. I am a great believer that art and education can help change and shape the world we live in. 


The Dance Inside my Mind, Centre for Better Health, London. July 2018. Group show.

Modern Panic VII, Newspeak House, London. October 2016. Group show. 

The Society of Women Artists 155th Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London. July-August 2016. Group Show. 

Kingdom. MMU collective, Dalston Superstore, London.  September 2014. Group Show.

We left for a good reason and never looked back. Broadway Bookstore, Broadway Market, London. June – August 2010. Solo Show.

Unrelated Acts. Crypt Gallery, Kings Cross, London. September 2008. Group Show.

Mixed Feelings. Green Arches, London. June 2007. Group Show.


Rooms Magazine, First Issue. London March 2010.


Mary Mac Iyntyre Memorial 2008.  Prize-winner for artistic work and dedication.

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