Oil Paintings 2005-2016

My current work focuses on creating narratives, which explore the turbulent times in which we live, both through the personal, social and political with particular interest in the destruction of the environment and changes in socio- political structures in a modern capitalist society. My aim is to engage in depth with social and world affairs while questioning my work within a contemporary art practice. Having lived in six countries and across three different continents, it has helped me to question my cultural identity and my role as a painter whilst also educated me in ways I can contribute towards change.

My practice is figurative and amongst my interests is the idea of misinterpretation, I like to play with suggesting and conveying difference. In my previous work I explored my fascination with the idea of subverting traditional portraiture heritage, by choosing unconventional subjects I explored the interplay of how my subjects seemed and who they were, which did not match. 

© 2014 Noel Basualdo

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