Young Hackney Fine Arts


Our mission is to teach young people how to make fantastic art from learning the essential artistic skills of drawing and painting from observation regardless of their experience or abilities. Anyone can learn them from any age, regardless of their natural ability, as creating great pictures requires learning and developing techniques rather than being born with a talent. Once the techniques are learnt on a basic level, we continue to progress them in each new project they embark on. We harness their skill development, encourage and support each student on their own artistic journeys to fulfil their unique artistic potential. The results will leave you and your child amazed! 

We have a very high ratio of teacher per students, 5/6 students per teacher so your child is taught individually. All of our teachers are painting and drawing specialists, have BA Fine Art degrees & up to date DBS checks. 


We use the traditional methods of copying from masters and photographs as our learning resources. Each is carefully chosen to suit your child's level and teach a topic while placing focus on different drawing and painting techniques. Amongst others, our topics include: animals, landscapes, portraits, colour theory, line, perspective, layering, contrasts, transparencies, composition and pattern.


Making art is great to develop confidence, focus, creative thinking and wellbeing. The classes are run and taught by Noel Basualdo a local mum, fine artist and teacher with experience teaching in schools, colleges, studios, privately and in workshops. I hold a BA in Fine Arts and an Art and Design teaching degree from the Institute of Education.