'Finn has been coming to Young Hackney Fine Art since he was 6 years old. He absolutely loves it and looks forward to it every week. He has developed some amazing art skills as well as produce some extraordinary art, all under the expert guidance of Noel.

Noel is a wonderful teacher and is incredibly supportive and encouraging, so much so that Finn’s passion for creating and appreciating art has grown massively over these last few years. I also believe that he is a much more confident person because of Noel and her wonderful art class.'

Nia Vaughan 


'Both my son and daughter have been attending the ‘Young Hackney Fine Arts’ class for the last 3/4 years.  Due to the lack of tutoring in the Arts at school, I deemed it very important for them to express their creative side.  I had no idea they were to be taught in such a detailed capacity.  Noel and her team are brimming with experience, and pass this on to all their pupils.  The standard of work is immense. I was taken aback when my children produced their first pieces of art.  This is a tremendous place where children actually study art, in an environment that is skilled and expertise. I would recommend this as an outreach to every parent. Children need the opportunity to expand their minds creatively.'

Lynda Scott


'My 10 year daughter loves these classes. Art has always been her favourite thing to do, whether at school or in her spare time, but we could tell she wanted to learn more, and to learn properly - to push herself - rather than just be praised for her creations, and the class is perfect for that. The classes seem special and unusual in terms of what is on offer to younger children. In contrast to lots of creative workshop activities, organised in short digestible chunks for theoretically short attention spans, Noel offers an opportunity for these small human beings to really focus on one thing intensively, to learn technique as opposed to simply expressing themselves, and to take responsibility for creating something (right down to mixing their own colours). Each child takes weeks to produce a painting, and I love peeking into the room and seeing them all concentrating at their easels, and then witnessing their joy and pride on the day when they finally complete, and their colleagues gather round and applaud them.  When I show friends the work my daughter has produced, they say, ‘Wow, she is really talented!”. And then I always have to say, “I am in no way doing down my daughter, and of course I think she is brilliant, but the amazing thing is that EVERY SINGLE child in that class produces paintings of beauty. Noel just manages to draw it out of them.” It almost seems like magic. I am in awe of it.'

Daisy Froud 

'My two children attend the Hackney Young Artists class at Hackney City Farm on a Thursday. It is a wonderful class and the children love it. The quality of the teaching is excellent and the paintings that are produced are so impressive, the children feel quite rightly extremely proud of themselves. Noel and her colleagues support and motivate the children extremely well dealing adeptly with a broad age range. My young daughter was kindly taken care of at her wobbly start and my son has always intensely engaged with the class under Noel's guidance. I can't recommend it enough.'

Helen Jerold


'These art classes really are fantastic. Noel is really great with the kids. Her enthusiasm and passion for art and teaching is amazing. The results the kids come home with are like nothing I remember from my childhood. It’s a fantastic refreshing approach to art that we and the kids love.'

Julia Graham 


'My two daughters aged 8 and 11 have been with Young Hackney Fine Arts lead by Noel for a term and they love it. It has given them a chance to explore their visual skills in more depth than before and really given them a huge sense of achievement and they’re glowing with pride. Both of them have been taken back with surprise at what they have achieved in a short space of time and it’s turned out to be a session they long for at the end of the week. Noel and her team are super friendly and create a wonderful and engaging learning environment for the kids.'


'When I first started I thought it was going to be glitter, paint, scissors and paper. But it was so different… first I was joining dots to dots, then I started to paint layers to make my panda come to life. I’ve learnt so much I didn’t think I could do. I can’t wait for my Friday art sessions at Hackney City Farm. I also like it because it’s a calm place and we can see the animals at break time.'

 Juni 8 years old



'From the outset our daughter has been loving going to her weekly art class. As parents we have been amazed by the results, the kids’ paintings are just breathtaking. There is a nice ambience, very well organised by the teacher, Noel, and her assistants. All in all a great after school activity for any kid with an interest in drawing.'



'I find the art classes absolutely amazing . I was stunned on how much helped my son to concentrate and feel confident to insist to his vision . The results are unbelievable and is a joy to see the children in the class chatting about art while looking at each other’s drawings